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item no.: 000001053875
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Global Lift Concentrate (Face & Neck) (50ml)
item no.: 000001053875 brand: SUISSE PROGRAMME
function: category: Serum/Ampoules  product size: 50 ml
country of origin: Switzerland



This Global Lift Concentrate is designed for face and neck. Acts on every sign of loss of firmness, on all type of face shapes. Contours are firmed, the neck is refined, the cheeks appear fuller and cellular volume is restored.

The formulation is enriched with the Collagex Premier and its exclusive formula BCC Complex together with the innovative Apple StemCell Longevity Technology boosts natural collagen production and combats visible signs of cutaneous aging, giving comprehensive protection and energy to the skin. In conjunction with its unique Global Lifting Technology, it helps define the facial contour, providing an immediate lifting effect, promotes elasticity and firmness, smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles and restores elasticity. It promotes a hydrated, even tone and youthful complexion.

2012, Suisse Programme Collagex Premier Global Lift Concentrate for Face & Neck has been awarded as the 1st runner up of Best Essence / Serum by Cosmopolitan!

how to use

Apply every morning and evening onto a cleansed face, smoothing in by upwards strokes of the fingertips. For full absorption, then massage into the face using circular motions of the knuckles with fists clenched.



Four effective firming formulae Recapture skin’s supple youthfulness

  1. Collagex Premier. Enriched with pure high-quality collagen, it instantly works from the inside out to restore your skin to its optimal hydration. It speeds up cell renewal and helps create a more supportive, more stable skin structure. As the skin’s natural collagen network is boosted, it becomes smoother, firmer, more youthful in appearance… with lasting results.
  2. Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC) This scientifically-proven formula delivers oxygen to the deepest layers of the dermis to accelerate cellular renewal, thus activating and maximizing the full benefits of the collagen boosters and other cell plumping active ingredients. Contains high-quality metabolic substances including DNA vegetal soy protein and ferment to improve the skin’s vitality.
  3. Cell Longevity Technology Formulated with unique and innovative Swiss apple stem cell technology. It helps to protect longevity of the most precious skin cells, enhance the vitality of the skin stem cells, and effectively fight environmental and chronological skin ageing. It also promotes the production of skin stem cells and affords protection from oxidation stress.
  4. Global Lifting Technology Formulated with advanced peptides and PEPHAT-TIGHT skin tightening agent, it produces a noticeable tightening effect and triggers a long term increase in the formation of collagen. This boosted natural process helps to promote skin elasticity, smoothes out fine lines and reduces the depth of wrinkles.

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