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item no.: 108861902001
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specification: 3 piece
functions:Deep CleansingHydrating WhiteningBrighteningPeelingFirmingNormal Skin TypeCombination Skin TypeOily Skin Type


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product name: Glamglow Gift Sexy Youthmud Set (3piece) item no.: 108861902001 brand: Glamglow
active from: 2018-02-27 00:00:00 product size: 3 piece country of origin: USA
function: Deep CleansingHydrating WhiteningBrighteningPeelingFirmingNormal Skin TypeCombination Skin TypeOily Skin Type category: Premium Gift Sets



GLAM GLOW Gift Sexy Youthmud Set (3pcs) , contains:
Youthmud® Tinglexfoliate Treatment (50g)
The initial idea was to launch a "treasure" that will make Hollywood stars capable of speeding in the background ten minutes before their appearance at a fashion show and awards ceremony. This gently removes the cuticle from the surface of the skin, leaving the skin smooth, soft, shiny and glittering!

Product Features:
 First Aid Treasure: Ten minutes, you can immediately obtain the youthful, attractive and bright skin! Easy and fast.
 Regain the luster and delicate: The dead skin on the skin surface is taken away, after finishing using this mask, a smooth, soft and bright skin tone will be regained.
 For both men and women: Gentle nature, both men and women can use.

Supermud Clearing Treatment (30g)
A member of the new Glam to Go Care Series, a special mask for travel. From now on, you can have the beauty skin anytime, anywhere! This is the brand's hero product, to help improving some common skin problems, to purify your skin, so that to your skin will become delicate and smooth again.

Product Features:
 Always beautiful and moving: One of the members under the new Glam to Go repair series, is designed for travel mask, since today, people can have sparkling, beautiful skin anywhere, any time.
 Deep purification: As a hero product of the brand, the depth of its cleansing power is undisputable.
 For both men and women: This is a deep cleansing mask to help people regain the flawless, bright and silky skin, good for both men and women.

Thirstymud™ Hydrating Treatment (30g)
For water shortage, give the skin the source to send the required moisture. Adopting the top water living technology, with the long-lasting lock water storage function, the water continuously feeds into the muscle bottom, and the skin is moist and shiny. Gentle nature, and with a soothing effect, is the best choice for moisturizing muscle in winter!

Product Features:
 Long-lasting hydration: The formula contains moisturizing ingredients such as Glycerin and Hyaluronic acid, which provides intense hydration to your skin.
 Instantly smooth: The formula contains Coconut extract, which nourishes your skin. Your skin will become smooth and soft. The nutrients can be absorbed quickly. Your skin will look much healthier.
 Soothing, calming: Mainly for offering water non-stop to the skin. Also, water locked in the skin, with a soothing nature; suitable for both men and women.

how to use

Youthmud® Tinglexfoliate Treatment After washing face, apply a thin layer to your face, waiting for 10 minutes, you will start to have the tighten feeling of the mask, rinse with water. With circular motion slightly massage, help exfoliating. Supermud Clearing Treatment After washing the face, apply a thin layer to face for 5 to 20 minutes and wash it off. Use it on a full or partial basis whenever you want. (* Avoid contact with the eye area .During the week while you are using the mask, it is recommended to use sun protection and minimize the possibility of sun exposure.) Thirstymud™ Hydrating Treatment Apply on face and neck area evenly. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.


Youthmud® Tinglexfoliate Treatment  Calendula extract: Skin conditioning.  Glycerin: Highly moisturizing.  Lavender oil: Nourishing, anti-oxidant. Supermud Clearing Treatment  Calendula extract: Skin conditioning.  Glycerin: Highly moisturizing.  Lactic Acid: Exfoliating, whitening, reducing the blemishes. Thirstymud™ Hydrating Treatment  Glycerin: Highly moisturizes your skin  Hyaluronic acid: Povides and restores moisture.  Coconut extract: nourishes your skin, anti-aging.

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